[DIS]OBEY is a series of portraits presented through the artist’s ‘psychological vision’, examining the self within the social strata. Our souls and bodies are not separate from each other, but there is a constant struggle between who we truly are and whom we ‘should’ appear to be.

One way of coping with insecurities and problems is by embodying them through an appealing artistic manner both celebrating their significance in making us who we are today, but also making them less intimidating.

In this collection, the artist explores a clash between one’s exterior image and the image of who they truly strive to be. Through a combination of figurative and geometric forms, Nour showcases this internal conflict in the context of an external imposition of societal norms and cultural ideologies.

Nour Huda

Nour Huda


Nour has won several awards including first place in UNESCO’s “Patrimonito Storyboard Competition” on World Heritage and Sustainable Development in 2011.

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