Safia’s Sea

The story of a little girl “Safia”, living in a small cottage with her owl, not able to hear or talk, but always able to knit the cloths for all the people living in the village, using the red yarn of the red yarn tree near her cottage. When the war started, everyone left the village, but Safia stayed as she didn’t hear the noise of the battle, and she continued to knit a piece which became the size of the cottage itself, waiting for someone to pass by and take it. When the fire of the war reached Safia, she felt the burn and the pain, and she started to cry endlessly. The tears turned into the big sea, which covered the whole village, and turned it into clear, blue water. The tears of a little girl stopped the war, and ended a story the way it should be.Click here to change this textClick here to change this text

Zeina Kanawati

Zeina Kanawati


Through my journey in this world, I couldn’t take off the glasses of the child inside me. Carrying that child on my way, I decided to keep writing for the little minds, who are the smartest and the most honest audience of all.

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