Wall of Dreams

On  November 8th, 2016, Rania Mneimneh, Dalia Brisly, and I drove from Beirut to the refugee settlement located an hour and a half away in Bar Elias in the Bekaa area of Lebanon.  The children, who knew Diala well, enthusiastically greeted us and rushed to help her gather and mix paint in the small containers she carried. Diala was completing a mural painting on the school tent of the camp. Assisted by many small hands, she drew spirals, dots and circles around her flying characters. In Wall of Dreams, I tried capturing Diala’s work, suspended between rays of light, as she herself illuminated the camp with an interplay of beauty, passion & colors.

Youssef Doughan

Youssef Doughan


“I love beauty in all its forms and try to capture it with my pictures.” When not capturing the streets and architecture of Beirut with his camera, his ultimate companion, you can find him running Beirut’s coastal Manara promenade.

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